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Friday, August 1, 2008

Island Paradise

Today is Emancipation Day, and a public holiday in our country. We have the most public holidays, approximately one per month.

Today, we celebrate the liberation of our African ancestors, as today commemorates the abolition of slavery. There are many people celebrating, and many festivities. I am unable to document them.

The people on this island are 40% East Indian, 40% African and 20 %, white, chinese, syrian and other. I myself fall into the "other" category. We are those whose heritage has been mixed with all the colours of the skin available here.

We are mostly called FRENCH CREOLE....the French were given land to populate the island in the 1700´s and my ancestor George Rochard came to Trinidad to cultivate land. Eventually there was intermingling with the slaves (African), the indentured labourers (East Indian) and ....well you should get the idea.
I am what I am.......and I am a rhythm in the music of this island. But at times the island is fragmented, and experiences differ a lot. I can only say mine.

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The Third said...

Interesting to hear a non-African's point of view on Emancipation Day; wanted to let you know that I'm flattered by your thought of me as scary. There is no need to be afraid. There are different types of hustle, or, making a living the friendly version. Just wanted you to know that, and thanks for stopping by. My "hustle" is selling premium luxury cars. (smile)