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Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Week of Freedom

In my last week before I went back to work, the children and I had a beach day. We hit the North Coast and beach-hopped, spending one hour on each of Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas and Blanchissiuse. Ray pointed out that we missed Tyrico Bay, and I do believe I remember a beach named Yarra, which I painted many years ago. My sister came with us, she too has a creative spirit and loves to see the views.

I was able to take some pictures, which will most likely be reborn in a painting. I think our favourite part was the river at Blanch, so cool and calm and soothing..... but the sun was blazing hot! We almost got burnt!

It gets so hot that on a beach like this one, you can get burnt in ten minutes!

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