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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Plodding Along

THe images aren;t coming as quickly as they used to. No matter...I still have a load of sketched that never made it to canvas. So this time of rest will serve me well. I will paint all these ideas that I have been meaning to do...

I don't get a chance to exercise as much any more, and with the new school terming opening, there may be little time to blog in the morning...okay lets get real...there will be NO time to blog in the morning. I see my little brother snickering at that comment because he says that I have way to much time on my hands.
I did get a chance to walk the other day. The Botanical Gardens was closed so I went around the Queen's Park Savannah...its 4.5 KM. Not a bad route. And its you don't have to walk back...ha ha !
The peice above is "Walk round the Savannah" It was sold, but unfortunatly I don't recall who bought it, or which gallery sold it......strange.
I have heard comments that it seemed overexposed, that there are way too many shadows. But thats why I liked the setting. The shadows made a camofluage patern on the ground. There should be a sno-cone vendor there....ah savannah painting.

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