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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The search for richer texture we move on to the next challenge. Before I start the ten for the next customer, I would like to experiment with some richer textures first. I have been looking at some Celtic designs, trying to incorporate them into my work. The Sun, which I have uploaded here, has some of that influence in the background. Celtic knotwork always symbolised a spiritual journey for me, and I decided to leave them white on the drawing. A new time dawns perhaps? There are many changes.

The second one came from a gift....Gabriela gave me a flower that she loved and the clolours were so intense in nature, the purple, yellow and green...that I placed it in my mind store to replicate at some point. It would make a beautiful tile I think. It was a gift...not just th flower, but an idea.... The orange background has the same vibrations as the original colours.

I have been looking through tapestry textures, fabric texture and patterns in order to give any plain background a richer look. I have also been investigating the texture brough about by collages. Is there any way to gain that quality with a paint brush and paint?

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