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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Battle of the Minds

Right.... I tried to make this about beatiful scenery and all the ecclectic qualities of living on an island, but I can't lie to my self anymore than I can lie to you. There is a disabling quality in the minds of the population that has the them trapped in a mental slavery.
The thing is...and maybe it is like this all over the World.....there is limited exposure to situations and experiences among my people. This leads to very limiting views. The mental walls that shoot up instantly at the introduction of new things is scary. This is normal, but not at the level that it occurs here...they won't even give you a listen.... they won't even hear you out. In some cases, we still act like the superstitious natives that we are, and run to consult the "priest". Yet this man, being a porduct of this same environment, or being limited in his experience unable to process all sides of the situation and give objective advice. Their advice is always clouded with the objective of the body they report too. Its not free and unbiased, it does not take your personal growth into consideration.
In addition, any individual who attempts to cast this mental slavery off for themselves, gets pulled down by the chains around him or her. The speed at which it happens is frightening. It is better to decide to do something, and do it without telling anyone.
I have found that all the fears that hover in thick clouds around the collective concious here, are sometimes basless and untrue. In my spiritual travelings, the misconceptions put forward for exploring different spiritual walks prevents people from finding their true nature. How can any religious body with a conscience, diliberately prevent people from "Soaring in their Spirit" and becoming all that they can be. I know it sounds cliche......
Independent thought does not exist....every thought is bound by its opposite, every word implies its opposite. It is virtually impossible to bust through that cloudy veil, and move forward into the beautiful moonlight........or sunlight...which ever floats your boat.
Believe it or not..... the mental chains have indeed inspired me. Paintings like "Spirit Flight" and " Basking in my moonlight" subtly gives the finger to the individuals who have tried to prevent me from going deeper into my mind, and opening it to include all consciousness. Any discussion of this to anyone, usually throws up all the RED flags, and horns imagery. When that doesn't work..the guilt trips and nagging begin.
For those interested..... see to see the images.

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