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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The green

There is a lot of green surrounding you when you are on an island. However, the green is not always clear and distinct. The leaves are not always easy to see, because the green runs on into the other.

Then the waters of the river reflect the green.

I miss the outdoors. I miss the days of long drives just drinking in the scenery. I'd look for pathways, trees in lines, unusual contrasting colour combinations which filled my eye with colour and light and form.

These days I have to be in the Capital.......not much green there.

But I can still look back at the pictures, and see, and remember the green, the cool, the calming effect of the scenery, and trees.

This is Blanchissuise, an almost secluded lagoon near to the beach where the waters are calming and serene. Great for children to bathe, although there is no shelter from the stinging sun rays, but to dip into the water.

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