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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Muddled Mess of mind

Tried to focus on a painting this morning......
All I can think about is all the work to be done..and one day to do it. Tomorrow is Monday and there goes the weekend. I have not done any painting or even planning to paint. The only thing I have to show is a scratched up canvas which has been erased four times. I am unable to focus on the image in my head.

I am unable to clear away the mundane. Times like this I would shrugg it off and start again tomorrow....but everyday fills my head with more and more tasks to do...and I am overwhelmed by the work that must be done. Not to mention the powerless feeling I have with my job that disables me from doing what to me is the natural course of action to take.

And this prevents me from emptying my mind and painting...or seems like I have lost touch with the spiritual. I am a bird in a cage hanging near an open window. I can see the sky, but my heart aches with longing to fly free again.

I knew this was going to happen.....and I walked into the cage.

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