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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strengthening my mind.

Reading all the things that I read, I sometimes come upon some enlightening theories which make me stop and analyze myself. This is something like that movie "The Secret". Now, I will tell you a Secret about "The Secret".... it just touches the bare basics of a wider theory.......which you as a seeker must search for yourself.
So thoughts and feelings emit vibrations..... and those vibrations attract things to yourself. Then there are certain programmed reasonings which we have learnt over our lifetime that actually create self limiting "realities" in our head. We can want something, or want to achieve something, but our subconcious self.. our Little inner voice or Little Self, turns into a censor and says " Yeah right, who do you think you are fooling?" Thus changes the vibrations in your feelings by introducing a germ of doubt.
I took this into consideration as I analysed the things that ame easy to me, and the timesI ave won or achieved something. At all those times, there was never a doubt in my mind that I was going to achieve or recieve. THe text that I am reading, says that we have to "unlearn" all the limiting statments that have been drilled into our heads, in order to align or Litlle Self with our wishes and goals.
That must be a difficult task... how do you unlearn something like " You can't make a living off of art" especially when it comes from people here in the industry? Yet there are a few people who are doing it......very few..... but it still proves them wrong.
Somewhere along the line I think I bought into their doubt. Somewhere I stopped believeing that I can make a living off of art, and started buying into the limitations they put on me. At that point I had given away my Self-Power.'s the news UNIVERSE.... I AM CLAIMING BACK MY POWER!!!!!! EAT MY DUST ALL !!!!!!!

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