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Monday, October 13, 2008

The cycle begins

I begin again.
Soon I will clarify what is meant by this. After complaining about the stillness and lack of direction in my life, I have to reassess for huge changes. At my age, you learn to take things as they come. My challenge now is not to panic, and not to let fear get the better of me, but to relax, and take life as it comes.
Things always work out for the better if you give them a chance to. Allowing the Universe to do what is does best, it adjusts for the happiness of all. I have to remember to keep my mind open, my thoughts clear, and maintain a positive outlook always........
So putting the Drama-Mama part of me on the back page, I pulled up this painting and looked at it again.
Did I doom myself in doing it. The painting speaks of fresh beginnings, of new birth. Only this time, a wiser birth. The mistakes of the past have been learnt, there has been growth through them. Now its time to cast off the dead leaves of stale energies and embrace new life (aknh-crosses) on all sides.
I begin my metamorphisis.....I wonder what will emerge?

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