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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The effects of not painting

I have realized that artists have a condition that I will call NCSD or " Non-Creative Stress Disorder". It can be diagnosed as the irritable angry feeling that comes on as the time between your last creation and any creation to come stretches out unwarily.
The symptoms are simple......first the artist gets a rebellious irritable feeling that every thing can absolutely go to hell...followed by the urge to lock themselves in a room for a few days and paint. If this urge is followed, the irritablility goes away until the next creative cycle comes around. However if the creative urge is not met, it will be followed by anger...then grow into a depression.
I for one, am absolutely convinced that my findings are correct, and NCSD is suffered by any creative person who is finds themselves trapped by the paper and politics of the corporate world. Trying to balance the two is like trying to make a fire on top of water.......not impossible...but damn near difficult to balance.
My last painting was three months ago.....before I go off the deep end and start having dillusions about the futility of life....I need to release my sanity and paint. Then I can go back to the daily blah of the 9-5.
"Be strong!" the All Creative booms in my ear, " The Force is with you......"
"Yeah" I answer right back " The is so much force within me, I am liable to explode and scatter its essence all over this building."
I must keep calm........the accountants may hear, and they may drag me off and deliver me to the auditors.

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