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Friday, January 23, 2009


Herb Teas. Imagine they are the hottest new trend. Scientists have discovered that Herb Teas not only have healing properties, are full of antioxidants, but their thereputic qualities can prolong life.
So...while everybody in Trinidad is lughing at the idea of Bush Tea for health remedies, in Europe and America people are rushing to the herb shops to look at this quaint herbal medicine.
See how we don't appreciate what we have? Nothing wakes up the system, gets rid of gas, and relieves constipation like a little ginger tea. Squeeze a dash of lemon in it too for flavour.
My mother always gave us Double Hibiscus Tea, with Fever (Lemon) Grass for the cold. I don't know how it worked, but the cough never lingered after a day of that.
Teas can be made by an infusion of natural herbs. Any herb thats safe to drink will do actually. Here is a list of favourites:
Sorrel Tea - this mix of dried sorrel and cinnamon warms the system and provides a good hormonal balance for women during the menstrual cycle. Drink a few days before to lessen heavy flow.
Ginger and Lime Tea - Grated ginger (one tablespoon) and juice from one lime makes a pot of tea. Good for waking sluggish tummies, getting rid of morning gas, and starting a bowel movement.
Feverfew / Bachelor's Buttons - This tea helps ease suffers of Migraine. Actually, eating a few fresh leaves daily helps too.
Fennel Tea - Not my favorite flavour, but Fennel tea is also good for constipation and gas.
Thyme and Lime Tea- Add a dash of Angostura Bitters for diarrohea.
There are many other remedies... but I am just getting started with this, and these are all that I have tried.

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