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Friday, March 13, 2009

Mind Games

I have been told, that once you form an opinion about a thing, or have a feeling about it, then you have already finalized the end result, and the thing would manifest that way.

Okay...same idea according to The Secret..."Thoughts become things"

According to James Allen, author of " As a Man Thinketh" -"That which occupies the thoughts of a man, manifests itself into his life."

Deepak Chopra - "Your life unfolds according to your expectations"

I can go on to Paolo Coehlo, quantum physicists, the Dalai Lama- all confirming the same philisophical idea.

So I know...I know that I need to remain in a positive mood in order to change the mental slump I am in. I know...but why is it so hard to change.

Thinking positive is very difficult when you are in a negative mood. I ask myself every day where the heck this funk is coming from. What do I need to do?

But the very thing which has to pull me into the light, is the same thing which keeps dragging my thoughts into the dark.

Stupid Stupid mind...... bad bad bad little brain.

Maybe I need to watch Annie, or Sound of Music or some such therapy to bring on the "happy happy joy joy feelings" which would take me in another direction.

Maybe I just need a huge peice of canvas, and some koskel colours...........

Stupid Mind Games!

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