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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Occult makes a comeback...

Professional trend watchers say that by the time a thing becomes mainstream, it has already peaked. I have been watching and noting artistic endeavours which have occult themes, except that the users don't know they have occult themes...which is to say that the users of the themes are just copy-catting what "furregn" is doing withour even realizing why "furregn" is doing it.

The late 20th century has seen a resurgence in an interest in the Occult. As people search for alternative spirituality which speaks to the individual, instead of the masses; there has been a renewed intrest in the Pagan religions of old, and occult topics like Alchemy, Magick, Astrology, Dream interpretation...the list can go on.

Occult (generally meaning hidden) has been given such a negative rap by mainstream religions, that most people never delve into the thing. But its worth taking a look at. Most of the practice asks you to take a look at yourself, and streamline your inner critic to believe that your outer desires are possible. Something that is extremely important in focused goal working.

Oh and there is little that is Satanic about the sense that we have been told... the Devil does not even figure into most occult practices, and several of them are spin-offs from early Christian sects....

Just interesting to see people playing Mas in "The Elements", which were psuedonyms for various states of conciousness... and the part at Alchemy and Katalyst.
I am waiting for a club called "The Philosopher's Stone," because I would love to turn this leaden socially reclusive life into a Golden Flower of imense fun!

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