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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WHAT-Me? Write?

So the guys at Caribbean Beat have been poking around my blog lately, and have sent me into a virtual panic by asking my to contribute to their blog. This is serious stuff! This is not the mad ramblings of an artist who uses her blog to get things off her chest.
The first panic that came to mind is that I would actually have to check my spelling and re-read my work..! URRRP!
And then I took a look at the types of articles on the blog and further panicKed (spell check needed here) about the caliber of articles from around the Caribbean. Hmm know what..I will stick to art... or wait , maybe I could come up with other things....
I could hunt down the Magick Pen which gives writers the Midas Writing Touch! Hmm great idea...I think its in the cupboard somewhere in my alter ego's room.
But I am happy for the opportunity to say (or write) my say. I still think they are nuts. Now if they see the OTHER stuff that I write anonomously (spell check needed here too!) I really believe they will yank that invitation back faster than if it was attached to a rubber band.
Thanks Caro...... still think you're nuts. But thanks.
Now excuse me while I go wake up "Sam the Writer"...that Sam knows where the Pen is hidden.