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Monday, May 18, 2009

Erotic Environmental Awareness?

I have gotten myself into a mental pickle.

I decided to take part in two art shows, with two different themes. One, is for the first ever Erotic Art Show in Trinidad...(Pastors are breaking out the Holy Water now), and the other is an environmental festival, whose theme is Dreamtime,and the art theme centers around the mystical aspect of Dreamtime as dictated by the Australian Aborigines who are the lead performing act this year. ( already talk of obeah has entered into the foray. More holy water alert!)

My thoughts on the two peices are conflicting. The image above has been around for a while, and it is certainly appropriate to how I feel right now.

Is there someway I can blend the two? They are both due at the same time. What have I gotten myself into?

I hav an idea for the Mystic Intervention Piece, which would offend some people, but I can't seem to connect it to the Dreamtime....or can I?

As for the Erotic....well...having explored that theme in my younger days, imagine the scene now when you are mentally conjuring up some erotic imagery, looking for an angle to deliver it in a painting.....and two kids start screaming that they want to paint too....UUURRPPP! There goes that image....erotica cannot coexist in the same mind of a woman trying to stop two kids from fighting for the paintbrush.......

Sigh....copulating manicou or Red Howler monkeys perhaps?

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