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Friday, May 15, 2009

Goddess Energy

Don't know who's painting it is, found it online.

The Goddess energy is building slowly in Trinidad. This is good. I believe its only time before Trinidadians built honouring the Goddess into an informal faith which people will follow.
Honouring the Goddess places us in direct responsibility for the Earth. It is thisEarth that nutures and provides for us, and it deserves our gratitude, our respect and our care. We have abused the earth in so many ways.

The Red Earth Eco Arts group is centering their Art Exhibit this year around honouring the Goddess- the nuturing female aspect of deity.

In introductory workshops, the group of artists will try to connect with the goddess, and then create according to what their feelings were.

Are we channelling messages? I don't know. Probably. Am I afraid? No...why should anyone be afraid when it is those same energies which have nutured us, grown plants for us, sheltered us with her resources. The artists will create an altar in her honour which will be the first in Trinidad.....

Blessed Be guys.....Blessed be.

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Elspeth said...

Great image. And about time for Goddess energy to rise up.