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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moon Trees and Spell Kits

Finally, after much deliberating, I have settled on the interactive Art Peice for Mystic Intervention at the Red Earth Eco Arts Festival. I shall publish pictures throughout the creative process.......

The Moon Tree is the mythical “Tree of the Gods” in the Old Religions. The secrets of intuition, connection with the divine and feminine mysteries are held by the moon. Our inner voice, our intuition our gut feelings all are from the connection with our higher spiritual selves that can connect with the Divine.
Carl Jung believed that our Higher Selves, sent messages to our conscious mind for inner question which we had. Spirituality is about combining our conscious goals with the goal of the Universe for ourselves. Our Higher conscious self sends messages to us in Dreams….but we dismiss them as rubbish, and ramblings of the mind. We have forgotten our intuitive language, humankind’s symbols of Divinity replaced by blings and knick knacks.
Hanging on the Tree are silhouettes of Universal Dream Symbols, which are shared by the collective Human Consciousness. It is by understanding the symbols, that we understand the messages. Know too, that the messages don’t only apply to our Dreams, but to our interaction with Nature, and our Environment. Anything which strikes us as profound is opportunity for pause, and to consider the message that we are meant to hear.

Also on the MOON TREE, are several gift bags. Each bag contains a seed, an object and a slip of paper, with suggestions for your ritual.
You are to create a little ritual, which focuses on the chosen goal, and ends with the planting of the seed. You must nurture your seed’s growth…..and your goal will be nurtured. You will be blessed with the sincerity of your goal, and a beautiful plant which may thank you with fruits and flowers.
In working towards any goal, it is sometimes necessary to increase your confidence by performing some action associated with it in your mind. If it seems like child’s play… is. It is that inner child waving a wand to let the goal magically happen. It may not be instantaneous, but it will happen if you believe.
Give the seed its goal……the Universe will grant you yours……

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