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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mystic Intervention

Mystic intervention is pulling together like a Goddess Blessed event, full of coincidences and happy events. We took a while to trash out what we were going to do with the space. I took a while...I probably went through about five "rationals" for a peice. Couldn't fugure out how to make it interactive...this concept is a first for my brain.

In the end, I am going for a Growth Cupboard. Inside the cupboard will be several "tools" for inspiring personal growth. Each Drawer will be labeled with a need, or growth goal. Indise the drawer will be several "Spell Kits" for encouraging that growth within yourself. In the kit (an envelope) I shall place one seed, one tea-light or insence, and instructions as to how it relates.
When you want to acheive a goal, the ability to act out something in association with the goal sends powerful vibrations to the individual, and their will to accomplish the goal is stronger. Their thought, is the seed, and the growth of thier seed is the growth of the goal...nuturing the seed encourages them to nuture the goal. And a little prayerfull the candle or insence will certainly help their focus. In this way, two goals are achieved.

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