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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back Road Rage

I live in a residential area of Maraval, not on a major road. What is usually an idyllic setting of a neighbourhood is turned into a race course during rush hours, when drivers use our streets to get away from the traffic. Really, if it weren't for that, our children could have been riding their bicycles on the road and playing cricket in the street like we used to as children.

So anyway, to leave on a morning sees me backing out the driveway, and turning in the road to get onto the lane on the opposite side, which would not really be a problem in a residential neighbourhood....except for this curious fact.
Drivers fly around the corner, and even with this there is enough time to see me and stop. Yet they insist on continuing at that speed until they are up to the car, giving me no space to turn......

This morning was the worst I have seen. Ms. Blue Car speeds around the corner, while I was backing out of the gate. She speeds right up to my car, which is now at an odd angle in the road, as I was about to go forward to straighten up, but now I can't, because she is up on my front bumper practically!
And Ms. Blue Car sticks her head out to give ME a hard stare....Oh I see, I am not supposed to be backing out of my gate when she is coming around this corner. I had no choice but to go back into gate, to allow Ms. Blue Car to pass, cussing me for blocking the road.

People are just too unreal....really.

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