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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy little paintings- Sunday Wash

Here is a new one which was done last week under the title Sunday Wash. Clothes lines are disappering in urban Trinidad and Tobago. Dryers are much faster, except they suck up energy. Now Sun-Dried clothing actually smells better. On a good day, you could put a load of washing out on the line and have it dired in half and hour, abou the same time as a drier. Only in the rainy season does this become impractical.
I know people who have stopped hanging washing out, simply because the vagrants (homeless) in the area do their shopping from your line!!!

I once put a pants out to dry, and it was gone fifteen minutes later!


Anonymous said...

I like this - simply nice colors.

Apart from the risk of losing your clothes when hung out to dry there are EMA approved toxins in the air.

Elspeth said...

That's one of my favourite images. Clothing blowing on a line, especially out in the country. I feel relaxed and breezy whenever I see it.