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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mystic Intervention-Red Earth 2009- Birth Passage

Approaching Red Earth 2009's Mystic House, you were forced (gently) to enter through Gerard Gitten's "Birth Passage."
There you were, confronted with a vaginal slit, which you had to part and push yourself through. Daunting for some folks as the couldn't see what was on the other side.
For me this project was just like that. Daunting....interactive art is a first for me. I am sure it would not be the last. But I pushed through not knowing what will be the outcome in the end.

Inside Birth Passage, you were battered by balloons. Gently batteed, not at all like the battering you get from life's experiences...some of them are hard knocks....maybe he should have put a big stone swinging....LOL life could be like that sometimes. The interior of the piece is pictured here.

Then, you have to part the slit and step out again. It wasn't easy stepping. You were brushed by glitter coming and going.....was this the magick? Were we being told that the sparkle we need comes from the experience. Only Gerard could answer that, but that's what I thought.

I came out of Mystic Experience elated, renewed, and alive. Even though I felt like giving up, as the battering from seeing two failed attepts at a piece started getting to me...I pushed through and came out in the end.

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