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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eating our country?

Just finished reading Paolo's article for today. You can read it at

Just another reason why sometimes I feel like kicking some people in this country. And our Government representatives will be the first ones on a Wild Meat Fete, $1000 dollar outfits made by the hands of child labourers in China......children at home with the baby sitter playing a game console, which uses a metal that children in Africa are dying while they work in the mines for the metal.

And when you change the cell phone just for the sake of bling......?

Do we ever consider the consequences of our actions? Ever?
Everytime a new house goes up, how many animals are killed? Our desire to live in large elaborate homes, several times the size needed, living like dons compared to millions of other people in the world.

Must you drive that truck? Lady, you pick up children from school, and go to the malls and restaurants during the day. Do you really need a 4x4 to manouvre through the potholes and speedbumps? Must you really have that Hummer, gas guzzler and carbon emmitter that cannot even squeeze though the narrow streets in Trinidad. Watch...everybody have to pull over to let you pass......and you alone in the eh shame?

Our rivers are choked with refuse, debris and fishes in them have died because your drainage pours into them....all the bleach from washing your yard....and you want to know why we have so much mosquito? They have no fish to eat the larvae in the river!

It have flood where no flood was before. And is the Government? Who dump dey cuttings and clippings on the side of the road for the truck to pick up, you eh realize they would wash dong to the drain when it rain? You who laughing cuz they eh catch you when you extend your property to cover the drain, or you who reroute the river to set up the new settlement......what did you expect?

You who vex cuz the development on the hill wash the dirt into your yard last year. When they was building, did you get up and say something? Or you shrugg your shoulders and say it eh your business when they was cutting down the place?

We are to day we will wake up and find a desert, tree-stripped island with only concrete and vermin... and then we will say the Government didn't do nutting.........

You ever wonder why our folk characters are all malicious? Because that is how we treat our environment. Like malicious, greedy gimme gimme's. Mother Nature will get sick of this parasite call man, and unleash her flooding wrath, her landslide wrath and her drought wrath....and we want to know why?

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