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Monday, September 21, 2009


I haven't been contributing to my blog because I haven't had a computer home for a while. That situation has now changed and I am connected again.
So back to the focus on art.
Recently,there has been a letter circulating inviting artists to contribute to "The People's Canvas" which posts giant sized prints of art around the Oval, on the HYatt and now where out of Port of Spain so far. The theme is centered around "Sustaining Development and the Elimination of Poverty", which is a bitch of a concept to work your head around.
I think the most important step to this process, is getting people to understand what "Poverty consciousness" is and how it prevents them from gaining abundance, or seeing abundance. So I will be looking at a painting along those lines; if my mind settles down to something at all. It very well may not.

One thing irks me though. In the letter, there was a statement to the effect; that members of the judging panel will be exempt from deliberating on their own paintings.
Hello???? Doesn't that sound wrong??? How could you even contribute to something like this if you are on the judging panel????
Himselves judging himselves??? We know where those end up.

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