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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Nothing like being on your own to force you to focus on the priorities. There is no guess work to this again. You are on your own. You have little ones depending on you. There is no room for guess, perhaps, maybes anymore. There is only space for a clear cut plan for the furture, with sprinkles of fun stuff thrown in.

My family and I need more people. We all need to reach out to people and have a full social life, interacting with like-minded individuals and groups which will support us emotionally and mentally. We need a sense of belonging to a wider group, with a wider purpose.

These past months I have done some serious growing up, realizing that as the only adult in the house I.....and I alone have the responsibility to show them how to live, how to think and how to set goals and have them carried out.
I have been setting new goals for myself and attempting to bat away the invading thoughts of all the echoes of other people about what I should do for the future.
I need to please myself....and myself alone, with dashes of what is good for us all.

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