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Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Planning

Recent events have made me even more determined to transcend my current level of expectations of myself. I can no longer be content with just getting by and paying bills. I believe there is more in me; I feel there is more in me that has the ability to go way beyond I have ever imagined. So whatever I imagine must be totally doable.

My previous life plans have included mundane ideas like going back to school, getting a degree etc etc. But each avenue I explore with those options lead me to see that there will be limitations after a few years, and those options would not give me the kind of security that I crave.

Added to which, someone lent me "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Hill's book was first published in 1937, and is as applicable to today as it was then. He dares you to dare whatever. He dares you to explore your "crazy" ideas because you and only you have the vision. He also mentions several individuals, who were not "schooled" but became educated because they saught out the information which they needed to make their dream a reality, and educated themselves, learning to use the information which they gathered and monetizing it.He speaks about creating a group off associates, which he calls your Master Mind, and bounce ideas and information off of them using their expertise.

Throughout my career, managers and supervisors have commented that I have great creative vision. My downfall though, I believe, is channeling that vision into a workable plan; which is clear enough in its delivery to excite other people about the plan, and see what I see about it. When the doubters and naysayers thrash my vision, I have nothing to back it up except gut feeling; and I needed to do the research to prove them wrong.

My next goal, therefore logically leads me to learn an effective way to communicate these various ideas that I have and bring them to a group of people who are able to get them off the ground.
My limitations are only those which I place on myself, and I am learning to recognize when I bring down my capabilities. I am also learning to give myself a mental calpet in the back of the head to stop doing it to myself. I create my own limits. Everything I can imagine has the capacity to be manifest. I can imagine lots.....and when I think it, I will consider it acheiveable. I have the gift of vision.....and I must learn how to monetize it.

Going into planning mode now...learning how to plan.

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Elspeth said...

I need to learn and be versed in this too! Most creative people do.