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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Breaking the Block

Oh Fadda Head!

So it happened again. The dreaded Artist Block Syndrome. That bastard of a disease which you never see coming until you sit down and try to create. You can have the perfect scenario...nice music....all you materials...pencils sharpened and become so creatively constipated that your brain hurts just trying to conceptualize.

All the methods that have worked before seem lame and tired. All the reference photos that you have don't excite you anymore....and your mind is as turned on as a ninety year old nun counting raffle tickets. (no...wait, that might turn them on)

One way to combat your artist block, well at least for me, is to become a kid again. I have to go down to the craft store and buy some colourful sparkly things and begin to create for the fun of creating. It takes a load of pressure off your mind when its for sheer fun. The pressure of creating for sale sometimes causes anxiety for it to come out just right...and the flow literally get anal.....LOL

So I have to go back to my inner child, and play a little with stuff, and find back the flow that I have lost by not creating in the first steps only, baby steps.

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