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Friday, October 2, 2009

Our minds

I think, therefore I am? Or I am therefore I think? Is it possible to go the opposite direction and end up at the same point as everyone else? I think it is. Existance, and thought processes exist on an entity which encompasses all.Pick the one you like and go for it......pick the one that feels good, as long as you harm no one.

We are but a bundle of pre-programmed bits of information. I find myself these days questioning ideas that are the norm. Why? Because I seek a life which I dream of, and wonder why it is impossible to attain. Or so I am being told. So I think....If what I want is come I can find people who live exactly that kind of life? Why is it possible for them, and not possible for me?

Why is it we cling to "life model" that we are not happy with for the sake of convention? Why can't we not adopt a paradigm of life with elements from various models which make us happy? Why can't we say "Convention be damned" and pull our financial life model from here, our relationship model from there, and our spiritual model from elsewhere......all with the aim of meeting our personal goals.

Isn't the point of life to be happy? Then why do we decide to sacrifice happiness for the sake of "How it go look"

We, who chose to live with convention are not free, we are lying to ourselves. We have no freedom of expression, freedom of ideas, freedom of freedom at all actually. And the struggle, for those who recognise this and choose to go a different direction, is to get the previous programming out of their heads that something is wrong with this way their way of thinking.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to uplift your existance by making yourself as happy as possible. Recognize that everyone has the same opportunity. Recognize that there are some, who fear unconventional approaches, and will do their best to prevent you from exploring yourselves; for fear that others may be roused to do the same.

We can admit that conventional ideas do not bring happiness to people's lives.....then why can't we leave people to explore other options and life models?

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