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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Creativity on Pause

Sat in front of a piece of canvas recently, and painfully realized that nothing was coming. Has Inspiration turned her back on me. Maybe I haven't been giving her enough attention. So like a spoilt child she has turned her back. A couple of sketches later on a piece of paper, and she still was elusive. "Where did you go?" I asked the wind. "you were always there. How is it that I cannot find you, Inspriation?"

"I know. I need to woo you again. I need to play with you, spend some time learning what you have become. Then you will feed me with your thoughts again, and the paintings will begin to emerge as we meld our minds and play together."

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Elspeth said...

Sometimes it seems to disappear just before s 'big' phase comes. Like how the ocean pulls back before a huge wave comes in.