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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What do I think up next?

So we are reaching to the end of the year, and so far I have accomplished all the goals I have set out to achieve this year save one. Hey four out of five isn't bad!
Other things have happened this year too, which put me heading in a different direction. Not exactly as I planned, but hey, when the Universe gives you lemons, make sweet delicious lemonade with a touch of bitters and an umbrella. Then sit back and bask in the sun........

I sat down the other morning during my quiet time trying to analyze what I truly want. And I realized that it was not material things, but experiences and feelings. I pinned it down to just a few:

1)I want to never have to care what people think of my decisions. I want to be able to choose the way that makes me happy, without having ghosts of guilt trippers echo in my mind.

2)I want to have a place of my own. A place which I can call home. And no matter what journeys I go to, I can always return home to rest.

3)I want to have days filled with enlightenment. Days when I always feel connected to my inner self, and connected to my higher self, and know that all is one, and one is all....and the now is all that matters.

4)I want to love and be loved in return. I want to interact with people who enrich my life, and enrich theirs in return.

5)I want to never have to worry how I am affording things. I want to just be able to get them. I want financial power.

6)I want to be sure on life's path, to be confident that every step taken is bursting with fulfillment and happiness.

7)I want my heart to soar with life's experiences, and to never wonder “what's the point of all this.”

Now my only challenge is to figure out how to create these emotions inside me. How do these goals translate into actions which would generate the feelings. Hmmm goals for next year will be harder to figure out.

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