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Saturday, January 16, 2010


This link takes you to a video, which brought a sharp jarring perspective to my mind this morning.

I have been thinking over the past few weeks about how to increase my wealth, particulaly how to be able to buy enough. As the sole breadwinner in my family, the fear is that I may not be able to provide my four children with what they need, and that we need to buy a home.

After watching this video I realized that from a different perspective, my children and I live like royalty. We live in a three bedroom apartment, with running water and electricity. The cushions on my couch sparkle with jewel-like fabric- there are peacock feathers in a vase.
My children have never known hunger......they have never had to reside themselves to the fact that food may not be had today, and attempt to occupy their minds to get hunger off of it.
We have easy transportation, water flows....we can decide what to eat or not. We have choices....options.
What this woman feeds her children on is pocket change which may end up in a piggy bank. What I feed my children on, may feed her family for half a year.

Which brings perspective into things. How can we cut back on our luxuries, and share with those who have none? I thought about this as I went to buy lunch this week and passed two homeless people in the street. I spend $40.00 on lunch when I buy. How can I feed myself with half, so someone who has none can get half?

I thought of a company who wants to send water to Haiti, but is asking the public to help them with the cost. Why is it, that when we want to give, our first thought is to what we will lose? Then we are not giving from the heart, we are giving to gain praise from others.

How can we partake in less greed, and ensure that everyone has enough, or has the knowledge and resources to sustain themselves?

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