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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kiss of the Mind

Funny thing -inspiration. It seems to come from mind-sharing rather than anything else. It seems to confirm the theory that our minds lock onto a particular wave or conscious ray and stay there, until we are dragged from that path to another more interesting one.

Last night I met some lovely people. Eclectic, artistic all pulled together by the boredom of a holiday afternoon on a tropical island which gives you nothing to do. So I suppose we all found the company of new people, pulled together by my pumpkin-vine distant cousin C, who teaches philosophy.

We met at an opera singers home. A unique condominium which enchanted me because every inch of her walls was covered in art. Not only paintings, but posters of her performances which were art in themselves. Egyptian papyrus pieces also covered the walls, and a peep in her attic revealed a collection of beautiful piggy-banks. She had a print of Gutav Klimt's The Kiss on the top-most area of her wall, right under the ceiling. Meeting all these people that night felt like a new kiss, an awakening of the inner spirit to possibilities that were not previously considered.

Her entire house radiated with the enjoyment of life, and had a profound effect on me. She was herself, not what any one else expected.

She scooped us all up at took us to her friends home, a quiet dinner with a close-knit bunch of family. We felt out of place, as if we were invading. But they did their best to make us feel quite at least I felt welcomed anyway.

I met such interesting minds, and walked away with a refreshing feel that there were "lovers of life" out there, who were not content with the banal routine of a secure job and a trip to church once per week. Mind you, some of them worked in the Church and presented such a varying view of spirituality than what you would expect, that I wondered why that same discussion could not be delivered from the pulpit.

Enough now, the blog seems so Jane Austin today!!!!!!

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Bluecat said...

I am a HUGE fan of Gustav Klimt! Not his personal life though.