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Friday, April 9, 2010

Progress Progress......

There are three weeks to go to the Orchid Society's show. They have asked for paintings with the theme Orchids to be used in their exhibition. As I always searched for the metaphysical side of any plant or animal, obviously I went googling for any symbolic meaning behind the Orchid.

I found three actually which give fodder for images. Orchids are seen as a symbol of sexuality, which touches on the spiritual....spiritual sexuality? That'll blow some people's minds.......
Another story tells of Orchis, son of a Satyr, and a nymph, who attended a feast given by the god Bacchus. Drunk with wine and unable to control his animal instincts, Orchis attacked a priestess of Bacchus with the intent on ravishing her. As punishment for his crimes, Bacchus ordered him pulled apart by animals. Where part sof his body fell, there sprang beautiful Orchids in all form and manner.

Two Satyrs - Peter Pauvel Rubens

This story was so rich in imagery that I went digging. Loved the spiritual significance of Orchis (animus in man) attacking the Priestess (spiritual Man) which is a struggle that all of us know, and a journey we all undertake. We struggle to control our baser instincts....and yet....should we lose control, and still pay the price, something beautiful grows from the bits of destruction of our selves.

I have several ideas on how to convert such a theme into a two dimensional image. Like any savvy modern artist, I went searching for images to assist in the creative process. Love the painting of the Two Satyrs pictures above, and also found a fantastic photographer named Herb Ritts, whose image is above. I thought that this may make a good template for the image of Bacchus.

One thought did run through my mind. Even Bacchus, god of wine, fun and bacchanalia; has his limits to acceptable behaviour. The incidents seem to portray Bacchus' intolerance at any abusive behaviour in the enjoyment of self. Do not overdo, it seems to confirm. A little different to the image of Bacchus that we have been given, not so?

On another note, I am now profiled at a web site where anyone can buy prints of my artwork easily on line. I was so excited to find this site, and so elated by the possibilities for my artwork. The link is below:

Hope everyone reading this blog will enjoy owning a print!!! :D


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