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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daragonfly Comes- smashing the blocks

So at 4:00 am this morning, something bit my in the head. Wasn't sure if it was the mosquitoes, or Lady Inspiration, but in any event it woke me up with an image in my mind.
So in the quiet of the early morning, before the kids woke up I was drawing and sketching and letting the flow....well flow.
This little cutey was the result.
It was time to being the best remedy for artist block. The pressures of creating a saleable work was gone. This was just for fun. And I had fun doing it.

In fact I had so much fun that this Bamboo Patch was the next thing to flow out. Kids woke up...I waved them away. Don't bug me for breakfast...find something in the fridge.
Soon Bamboo Patch was done, and I felt a sense of relief. Something was finally finished before I became overly critical about my work and stopped the process. It helped that no kids were there to beg to use my supplies...LOL. Love them...but hard to concentrate when they are there.

Anyway...on to breakfast....I see the kids eating some stale KFC that was in the fridge...them fries are smelling great for some reason. Probably because I am high on inspiration.

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Renukha said...

Gosh me too with 4 am awakenings! Love the Bamboo patch!