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Monday, July 19, 2010

Criminal Act

It wasn't a violent crime. As a matter of fact I didn't even notice that I was robbed. But my mind kept seeing odd how did the breeze blow open THAT closet door. Or not remembering looking under the why is the bes skirt up like that??? And wait...when did the children scatter raisins on the kitchen counter? Then on opening my bedroom cupboard....did I leave it in such a mess? Everything seemed scattered all over the place.....hold did that purse get on that shelf, up in that corner???

It was the purse that sealed it....someone had been in my room and turned over everything in my closet. At first I thought nothing was gone...but on closer inspection I realized they took lots of things...little things.....things you wouldn't notice were gone until you needed them. Things that could fit in a pocket.

And groceries????? I mean...what caliber of criminal leaves the computer, leaves the TV DVD Player, the XBOX...and steals a battered pair of old sneakers with last years Jouvert mud and paint on it.....and groceries.....he could have at least left meh crix and peanut butter!!! And out of everything there was in the fridge...he takes a bag of raisins? Right....selective pallette that one....went with the full breakfast kit, milk, cereal, raisins, crix and peanut butter.

No...wasn't a violent crime...just a sneaky underhanded taking of a few things..... house secured now......but will my mind ever be secured?

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