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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Erotic Art Week- Wednesday Exhibit opening

Okay...before I write anything about it, I must say: Erotic Art Week must be EXPERIENCED!!! No two ways about it. No review will ever replace/substitute the individual's experience of such an event.

Keep in mind also that I did not get to all the venues in one night. In addition, on the map it was not clear which venues were open on Wednesday night. We stopped at two... Rostant Advertising and Sky Lounge which were closed. Rostant did have a sign about the "Spoken Word Show" being tomorrow, Thursday at 8pm.

My group of four manage to do DRINK!, Alice Yard, Bohemia, Studio and Body Art. One point to the organizers though. If the venue cannot hold at least ten peices, then it should not be named a venue. I understand the challenges given the subject matter. But honestly, just going to a venue to see three peices of work, leaves you wondering if the venues were just trying to "Cop a Feel" to see how many visitors they could get on the midweek Wednesday night........hmmmm

DRINK! was disappointing art-wise........nice decor....nice wine....but art was severely lacking, and they should not have even been named as a venue....but I will go there to lime later on.

Alice Yard was more promising. I loved James Hackett's new method of displaying his screen, one projector, and pictures rotating every ten seconds. Sweet, economicall and inventive !
    I like Hackett's work, but founf that for an erotic week show, the peices could have been more...well....erotic?

There were some b/w illustrations which looked Stuart Hanh'ish...but the artists name was not even in on them and I couldn't seen properly.

I loved Lisa Moor's Black ribbon embellished bedspread, combined with erotic brothel looking pillows of sequin and feathers......decedant.......

Next it was off to far the most tittilating venue for the night..... please check the room lit with ultraviolet light. And make sure to experience the peep show........and Luis Vasquez;s public toilet pop up. Not to give away much, but Bohemia was by far, the most interesting I have seen tonight...out of the ones I did...LOL

Studio was our next stop.......and Sexy Thick Indian Poster scored...however...the venue only had about five peices...which would have been dissapointing if it wasn't for the ambience and good beer at Studio,

But... I hope to see the organizers of this show widen the options and bring more next have my support guys!
On to tomorrow's events.......

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