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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its been a while......

I haven't blogged for a while because my laptop was down, and going on he children's computer seems like invading their space.
I have been putting out other types of creative projects, sewing, and working with fabric to amp up the creative juices. And I also have been exploring online services which can assist in marketing paintings.....on my blackberry....slow slow surfing...but at least it gave me places to jump into when I got back the laptop.

One of the projects I have in mind is a collection of paintings of Maracas Beach, having not only sentimental value, but a good souvenir in the making as well. All the full colour paintings that I have done, and a few more for added flavour can be used.
Can't blog for too six year-old boss is concerned that it is 8:36 and I haven't started painting yet....!
Coming BOSS!!!!!!


Elspeth said...

Hi Sam, I saw the article on your son in the papers. He sounds amazing.

Samantha said...

No..just a normal teenager. People don't realize that he has never known anything other than what he he has just been developing as he can to fit into this world. Its not like he lost limbs and had to relearn..... But he has a great attitude, and doesn't let anything keep him back from what he wants to do.