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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magick- Part one

 For the past few years I have been exploring topics on Magick and the Occult. The subject has always intrigued me, but being able to study the themes freely has been a difficulty in my early years; because of the general fear  that people around me have toward the topic.  All writings of this sort are cloaked in symbolism. Every thing you read about is not meant to be taken at face value, but is meant to be analysed according to the traditions of the time the text was written. Understand that secrets to life were passed on, but only to those who would understand.

There are a few statements which stand out in my mind:

1) As above, so below.

There are several layers to this statement:
 a) As it happens in the heavens, so it happens on earth.
Which is the interpretation for the justification of Astrology. Indeed there are some correlations between the energies of the stars and planets and what incidents occur here on earth. But the astrologists who can interpret really well are not the ones who publish in the magazines ans newspapers...... those are crappy interpretations. And too, like Nostradamus' quatrains, they are very clear in hindsight. Astrology is so misunderstood and misused.

b) As in the spiritual world, so it happens in the material world.

 Most people mistakenly see the spiritual world as removed from themselves- it is something that happens outside of this world (so they think)
The spirit world is right with us. We create it as much as we create the physical world. The spiritual world is our inner-selves.Our thoughts, our desires, the things that revolve through our mind like window shopping that we look at from time to time. These thoughts create their own spiritual energy which vibrates from our minds, and attract the items with like vibrational energy to ourselves. Everything which we have in our lives, came from our head. We willed it to us. Good or bad, we focused on it, or obsessed on it, agonized on it, joyfully dreamt it came from our "above" (our minds) and manifested itself  at our feet (the below).

2) We must think only what we wish to experience.

The statement above, sums up how the practical application of many occult minds attempt to think. To train your mind to think only thoughts which you wish to experience. Have you any idea how difficult this is??? When you realize the direct link between what you think and what happens around you, you begin to realize that all your thoughts, good or bad, have the potential to become the lady you just wished would just drop dead??? OMG can I take that back???!!!! Just kidding.........but makes you begin to filter every thought, every word that comes from your lips, every idea that you have.
It is exceedingly difficult to only think in terms of your goals, and still function in the day to day world with all the information flying into your mind at a nano speed rate!

3) AND Ye harm none, do what thou will.

Alexander Crowley made this statement famous. People think it is a license to do whatever you want. Yes it is, and no it isn't. You can do whatever you want as long as it harms no one, no living creature. Such an analysis starts a snowball of events in your mind as you try to figure out if your action will harm anyone before you actually do it. A proper analysis sets off scenarios in your mind as you realize the deeper implications of everything you do or say. Your words can set the stage of doubt, of confusion...... you express your suspicion of a person to a colleague and you have already set the tone of their relationship before it even got a chance to blossom into something positive. You have already poisoned it. And that person may have learnt a lesson and changed his/her behaviour since the time you last interacted. and you have poisoned a potentially beautiful experience for someone else. Watch you words and actions carefully........

I will say no more for now, but these three statements have enough food for thought in them to keep the best philosopher going. And it is interesting to note that I have heard these statements uttered from the mouths of charismatic catholics here in Trinidad..... well  one and two.....Crowley seems to scare the crap out of them.

I think it is important to keep an open mind when exploring any topic. Reject what really makes you uncomfortable, and adopt practices which speak to opens up whole new worlds of possibilities.

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