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Sunday, November 28, 2010

$11.00 Apple- The cost of not buying local

No lie......
Taken at a grocery store this morning in Trinidad and Tobago. Granted they were big, the size is what drew my attention. But really and truly, it shows the high cost that food has reached, simply becuse we do not appreciated our own.

The sad thing to realize is that it is easier to find an apple, than to find portugal or pomerac, which is in "season" around christmas time.
Pomerac is pear-shaped an red, with a juicy succulent white inside. My mother used to boil these in sugar and dry them. They make great dried snacks like apricot, and they make really great pies and caked etc. Yet we still import dates and raisins, and prunes. These trees are dissapearing, no one plants them any more, and really the consensus among the middle class is that fruit trees are a nusiance and not condusive to "elegant living."  And the elegant-live-ers will continue to pay through their nose for that American induced idea of "elegance"

Portugals (mandarine) are a deliciously juicy citrus fruit that makes the best juice. These can still be found, and to get the best price requires a drive to the central part of Trinidad. There are truckfuls of them on the highway...that is if the new fresh juice companies don't snatch them up!

The point I am trying to make is the high cost of feeding a population, who would rather eat potatoes instead of cassava and dasheen, and pay $23.00 for spinach instead of bhagi (wild spinach- $5.00 a bag)
In these times, keeping the money flowing locally is important........

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