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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Remembering to have fun

There is a certain amount of anxiety on your mind when you begin to do a painting. Especially when you have been painting for a while. The assumption is, that every peice of canvas, must result in a sale-able painting.
This is bad..........why????

Because the artist forgets to have fun. Sometimes you get so caught up in tryiong to produce what sells, the fun element gets thrown out of the door. In sets "Serious artist" creating for the public, till bored artist sets in and you get so sick of the whole thing because of the pressure for profit!
Yuh sell sell out.

Sometimes, the most profitable thing you can do is to hunker down with a new pack of crayons, some coloured pencils and glitter and just have fun being childish again...does wonders for the creative juices.

Things emerge that you had no idea you are capable of. All of a sudden you are refreshed, enlivened and heading off in a new creative direction. And Art is fun again.........


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