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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Colour and human emotion Pt 2

 On researching this topic further, to find artistic correspondences between colour and human emotions, I happened upon a website discussing Planetary Harmonics.
This topic researches the relationship between the sound emitted from the “Music of the Spheres” and their healing properties on the human mind.

This sort of relationship was familiar to me, as I had already read about the Quadrivium, and the Seven Liberal arts, which was the way the teaching was structured in classical Greek and Roman era.
Much of what was taught then, is beginning to be “rediscovered,” possibly because the explosion of the Web has made information sharable to many minds, and studies on alternative healing are being made by some fringe communities.
The Quadrivium- Four subset topic taught by Pythagorean mathematicians

But back to what is relevant for art.

Colour, has a frequency which affects the human mind, so do shapes. Two things came to light in my search, colour healing, and Sacred Geometry. This interesting thing is that for every sound vibration, there is a corresponding shape vibration, and a planet vibration. The correspondence to colour, has was not previously discussed in the Seven Liberal arts, probably because of the inability to measure colour waves and thus make the association.

Until now..

I happened upon a website by Nick Anthony Florenza who is studying the relationship between Planetary Harmonics and Nuerobiological response,

Nick Anthony Florenza

In this he has listed the musical frequencies and the colours associated with them, as well as the Alpha Brain Wave Correspondences associated with them. It is an exciting thing to find as an artist, because it gives insight into emotions which are inflicted by particular colours, and can be used as part of the healing process in art and art therapy.

Sacred geometry has developed on the side, using the resonance of shapes which correspond to certain emotional states. However, colour usage played a minor part in the practice.
Lily Corbett

Sacred Geometry, to me seems to be lacking, probably because to my mind, the geometric shape used in the artform seem to be too “man-made”….. I can’t seem to put it into words, only that the phenomenon would not naturally occur, and it seems harsh to my eyes.

The thing I am searching for, runs more along the lines of Van-Gogh’s observations of colour in Nature…and to find healing proportions and colours in nature is what I would like to depict on the canvas.

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