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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goddess of Inspiration

After doing several versions of this album cover for The Calypso Monarch 2010 ( I won't call the name) the Goddess herself posted this image in my head late last night (I swear I woke from a dream with it in my brain)
I was up at 5 am this morning, rushing to finish it for the lunch time deadline. The Goddess is central...the symbol is an old pagan Goddess Gaia. As an Earth Goddess, Gaia asks that we listen to our hearts, honour ourselves and be true to our calling. Quite an apt goddess for those who earn a living from their creativity.  The nymphs / muses on either side represent the physical objects that drive us to create. Each supports the other.
I put the Sun for the head, because this is a different type of female. The Sun is usually depicted with male gods....but this female has the strength and resolve of men........

Somehow this pulled together in my mind faster than the previous incarnations.

Blessed Be Gaia.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the moon is faster associated with a female Goddess, Selene. The shape of your central goddess is really one of fertility, harvests and the earth. The two nymphs she's bordered by though seem a bit clich├ęd Caribbean, just a bit. But I'm telling you my honest thing here, I like it a lot but there's something that pulls away from me a little. Everyone's tastes are different.