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Monday, December 20, 2010

Inspirational Calpet!

There are some instances where I am writing in my journal/ BOS whatever, and one of those muses that hang around me will slap me upside the head with an image. So I scribble it down in a little sketch in my journal to remember it when I get the chance to paint.

Below is the finished painting....these are easy to do because I know what the finished product is.

Night Time - Samantha Rochard - Acrylic on Canvas Board
I like the stars streaming from the moon most of all. And this one was an experiment in using the Golden Ratio- more about THAT in another blog.


Anonymous said...

^^ Cool, I like it. That is an excellent thing you do there. Making the image there on scrap as a study, and then do it properly. You have a great air of professionalism about you, it's beautiful. Your things are so dynamic! Love ^^ I am still a student, so seeing you do this helps me on my journey ^^

Samantha said...

LOL....would you believe that you never stop learning....its like this seriously long journey....and the best times are when you feel like the mad experimenter!!!! Mwahahahahaha....

Thanks for reading my blog though.