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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The myth of the Starving Artist

 This is Andy Warhol. He was no starving artist. During his lifetime he developed an artistic estate worth millions. He succesfuly blended creativity ans shrewd business sense.

This is Jean Claude Monet. His estate was not as large as Warhol's, but anyone who could have afforded the chateau he owned had to have earned a fairly good living, and he was a painter.

And finally...Damien Hirst, the most successful artist alive today. Mr. Hirst has racked up a net worth valued at millions$$$$$$$$.
Proof that it can be done. Proof that you can establish a decent living doing what you love.........

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Anonymous said...

Well, Samantha....I'm proof that you need food to paint (the odd beer helps too).

You've made me hungry. Time for a sandwich, I think.