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Friday, December 10, 2010

New style Emergence -Temple on the Sea- Trinidad West Indies - second version

Temple on the Sea - version 2
This is what happens when a new style is developing. I keep looking at this painting and something is not quite right. It does look, well, like all the elements belong and are talking with each other. The ground doesn't look like it could support the Temple. Any minute now, it may sink through the filigree land into the ocean. 

There are more "stars" in the sky, with yellow and gold, but that still didn't pull it together in the way I'd hoped.
Keep in mind though that I didn't have a picture in my mind as to what the finished product would look like. I just started with an experimental background and continued from there. The process is similar to what happened with Mamzelle, and I looooovvved how that turned out.
Mamzelle- by Samantha Rochard
Ah well...I will take a look at it again this weekend, and see what will come up.

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Fire Eyed Girl said...

These are beautiful. Do you do things like cards and journals? Beautiful.