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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best Book for blocked artists- The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron

One of the best books that I have read for artistic development is Julia Cameron's The Artists Way
The book is actually a series of weekly lessons and exercises which take you through blocks in the creative process and smashes them one by one, gradually coaxing you back onto your creative mental stage.
She discusses issues like Recovering a sense of Identity, and Recovering a Sense of Power. Both topics focus on surrounding yourself with a supportive network, and weeding out all around you who think you are nuts....the ones who suck your energy and make you feel that making art is impossible.

The book, when I first read it, sometimes made me laugh with acknowledgment of truth. It also made me cry sometimes. I felt like Cameron knew how I was feeling, knew the mental struggle I went through as an artist and got into the heart of them, and showed me a way out. I had been "blocked" for over two years, and the book assisted in pulling me back.

This book is a must for any artist's library. It can be found on Amazon, the link is below. For Trinidadian's and young artists who need to get over the credit card and shipping hurdle, it can be ordered through Nigel R Khan.

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