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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clive Barker's Abarat

Some years back I was delighted to find this book in our local National Library. I had no idea that Clive Barker did children's books! Wrote and illustrated them too!
I am not really a fan of the macabre movies of Clive Barker, but flipping through this book and looking at his paintings, I can enjoy their darkness.
The characters are from an unusual mind, and warrant exploring.
The paintings themselves, if you can imagine them as larger than life, must be a sight to behold. The energy that comes off of paintings like these.....well, I can almost taste the vibrations.....
Abarat apparently is only part one of the three part series, the third of which is due to come out in September 2011. This is definitely one for my collections of books....

Get your copy on the link below from Amazon.

    Abarat Book 3: Books of Abarat #3 Absolute Midnight

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