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Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to paint skies - Landscape painting tips

Thought I would document the process of this paintings simply to give some tips on landscape painting, specifically on skies. Someone asked me the other day about creating depth in the painting. Its a simple matter of perspective in colour. The further away the object, the lighter the colour. You may see blue, but on the painting, lightening the blue as you get closer to the horizon is the trick.

Start with the shade of blue you want, I always add some purple in the corner away from the direction of the light, to give added depth.
Begin adding some white....... blend in the two colours.
Then begin to add in some clouds

Try to remember that clouds also have shape, and will be whiter where the sunlight hits most.

Pile it small strokes of course. Remember too, the closer to the horizon you get, your clouds are going to also get smaller. It helps too, if you darken the base of the cloud a bit, and try to level it off...not quite a straight line at the base, but an almost straight one.

The painting's progression.

....and all done, with boats etc........

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