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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Triple Moon and Random Thoughts

Triple Moon.......depicting cycles. In Wicca, it represents cycles on numerous levels. The maiden , mother, crone aspects, the rhythm of the moon. There are wider cycles and rhythms within us that we may not notice until we step back and listen to ourselves.

Many times I reach a point where I feel like I am in the wrong place. Like where I am in life is stuck in a twilight zone. Conversations around me that I do not wish to take part in. Issues which do not rouse me to any passion. I do not even realize that I absorb emotions, thoughts, habits of the people around me, becoming more like them- becoming less like me.

What is this drive that we have to feel like we belong? These roles we play that we can switch in and out of as life dictates its pace, where does the line end at you and at me? Where does me begin?  Shall I create a bubble and protect myself from absorbing yourselves who are around me?

Your speeches interrupt my thoughts, your fears become my fears.....I absorb so much of the you's outside, that the me is lost to me.

I lost myself.

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