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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Funny Story about Granny Rochard - by Allan Rochard

I was about 16 years old when Dad brought home an engine to put in a boat, it was a two stroke Jap engine with one spark plug hooked up to Magneto.
The Magneto sends an electrical current to the spark plug when you crank the old motor by hand.

I was studying about magnetic fields at the time in school and wanted to experiment with the engine.
I filled a container with water, then placed the wire from the spark plug in the water, I then called my little sister Susy to come and stir the water with Mum’s big metal soup ladel for me.

Susy came willingly to help her older brother while I cranked the engine, she started screaming after getting shocked and went off screaming to mum, she could not explain what had happened as she was still too young.
Mum came out with the belt and asked me what I did to the child, I said Nothing Mum, I just asked her to stir this water for me and she went inside crying. Could you stir this for me as I was doing an experiment.

Mum picked up the metal spoon and started to stir while I cranked the engine, when she got shocked she said, so this is what you did to the child!! You could have killed her, the belt came flying on my back while I ran.

I did a lot of wicked things scaring my siblings growing up.


Samantha's note: This is not even wicked. It is funny how you didn't figure out why she ran screaming though. And Gran picks up the same spoon...LOL

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