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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Transitional Experiments

Every time I reach a point of growth I go through a phase where I experiment with different media and different methods.
The drawing above is my experiments with "Sacred Geometry." Creation of such pieces puts the artist in a trance-like state which is close to meditation. Viewing it does as well. Several patterns can be created from the same basic structures. This one, which begins from the expansion of the circle falls under the theme "Unfolding from Unity." In esoteric studies, the joining of two, always creates a third entity. The concept of the uniting two to make three also extends to ideas...when two ideas are synthesized, a third new idea is developed.

This second experiment came out of seeking a sense of expansion. Trying to capture the feeling of floating in to space. Trying to find the feeling of recapturing the child-like innocence that was there before when art was made for fun...for the process, not for the end result. It is a tool that I slip into anytime I need to push myself out of a rut...and grow as an artist.

Sketching random things also helps change my direction. Sketching what ever comes to mind. Eyes and butterfly wings are most predominant in my sketches because I am looking at myself, and seeking a metamorphosis....but I am still spinning that cocoon in which to grow.

I thought that these pictures will make an interesting blog. I am sure that any artist can relate to this transitional phase when the currents of inspiration are pulling this way and that. When ideas are coming to mind and you are just in the mood to sway with the tide until you land on a beach in which you fully explore a theme, or methodology....... and so I am....for now.


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